Available Macintosh software

Last revision July 19, 2004


Stanford University provides a standard software package called MacStanford that includes software mainly for use with campus systems. Antivirus software is included to help protect your computer from infections. Most software in the MacStanford collection is site-licensed by Stanford and it may not be legal to run it on non-Stanford computers.

Configuration of the new software is fairly straight forward and can be done without instructions. However, we do provide instructions about how to login to pangea from Samson. Samson is the telnet client that is provided as part of the MacStanford software package.

Mac OS

Stanford University also site-licenses all versions of the Mac OS from Apple. You may download and use these on any Stanford-owned Macintosh computer. See the note on Upgrading to Mac OS X 10.3 for recommendations to upgrade your system successfully.

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