6. Verify that your directory information is correct

Last revision September 16, 2013

Stanford University maintains a master directory of faculty, staff, and students that can be searched online. The School of Earth Sciences maintains its own separate online directory with additional information, such as online C.V.s. The School directory may also include records for visitors and other loosely affiliated persons.

New computer users in Earth Sciences should make sure that their information is correct in both directories, and that the privacy settings they desire are in effect.

Stanford University Directory

The university-wide directory is accessed from two separate web pages, one for searching and viewing information, and the second for setting your personal information. To search for information about any faculty, staff, or student at Stanford, start on this web page:


Look at your directory listing to make sure that only the data you want is being displayed to the public.

Sometimes, this site will not find someone that you know is here on campus. There seems to be some delay in adding new people to the directory. The person you are seeking may be a visitor, who is not recorded in the master Stanford directory, or the person may have selected a privacy setting that makes him completely "disappear" from the public view of the system. If none of those cases applies to the person you are trying to find (for example, yourself), then there is likely a bug in the directory system that you should report by entering a request in the HelpSU problem reporting system at


If you want to update your personal information in the master Stanford directory, or restrict the display of your information, use this web site:


School of Earth Sciences Personnel Database

The School of Earth Sciences maintains its own online directory to record and display additional information that is not shown in the master Stanford directory, such as a brief job description or a full C.V., plus information for visitors and laboratories. We also link other services to our own directory, such as generating faculty profiles for the department web sites.

NOTE: During the 2013-2014 academic year, the School of Earth Sciences will be switching our local profiles to the new Stanford Profiles system based on the CAP application developed at the School of Medicine. Once that is fully functional, your information from the Stanford Directory will automatically propagate to the Earth Sciences site, and your other information, such as your C.V., will be managed on the Stanford Profiles site. Watch your email for information about this new system!

The School of Earth Sciences directory can be accessed by selecting the People tab on the top of the School of Earth Sciences home web page, or by going directly to this URL:


On the directory web page you can search for a specific person, or browse listings by department and affiliation.

Until the new Stanford Profiles system in fully implemented, if your personal information, such as office number, phone, and email address, are not correct in the Earth Sciences People database, you can update them yourself directly in that database. First, login to the School website using the link at the top of the page. Then find yourself in the People section. Click on your name to see your full entry. You will start in a View tab, but can select an Edit tab instead to update your entry.

If there is no record for you in the Earth Sciences People database, please contact your department administrator and ask him/her to create a record.

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