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Last revision July 29, 2004

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School and department general use printers are for the exclusive use of people in the School of Earth Sciences for printing related to their studies, research, or employment at Stanford. Occasional minor personal printing is tolerated, but any use intended for private financial gain is strictly prohibited.

Each department within the School of Earth Sciences operates at least one computer printer for general use within that department; check with your department secretary. The School operates and maintains one laser printer for general student and faculty use: an HP LaserJet 4050TN printer in the School computer cluster in Mitchell A65. The School computer cluster also contains an HP Business Inkjet 2250TN printer which is reserved for course use only. The Geographical Information Systems (GIS) laboratory in Mitchell B02 contains several color printers and a wide bed color plotter than can be used to print reports and maps. There are dozens of other "private" printers on our School network that belong to individuals and research groups; you need permission from the owner to use one of those.

The departments within the School have agreed to pay for the toner and paper supplies for the School's general use printer, in proportion to usage by members of that department. In some cases, the department may wish to recover these costs from research groups according to use.

Because of these needs to apportion costs, and to make sure that we don't provide subsidized printing for the entire University, the School's printers in the computer cluster and the color plotter in the GIS lab have been placed under the control of a print spooling system on pangea. The print spooler requires a valid pangea account and local pangea password before it will accept a print job, and records usage by account.

Specific Earth Sciences courses can have special pangea course accounts that can be used for printer access in the computer cluster and GIS lab.

Please follow all rules and instructions posted on the printers.

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