Berkeley Unix networking r programs: rlogin, rcp, and rsh

Copyright Phillip Farrell. Last revision August 3, 2004

Table of Contents:
  1. Authentication with the r commands
  2. rlogin
  3. rcp
  4. rsh

UNIX computers that implement the Berkeley networking code (essentially all UNIX systems) provide a set of programs for transparent remote logins, remote file copying, and remote program execution. These programs, where available, are easier and more versatile than telnet and ftp. But note that individual UNIX system managers may disable these services or restrict access to specific networks or remote hosts.

The basic programs are:

  • rlogin for remote logins
  • rcp to copy files between systems.
  • rsh to start a shell to execute a command on a remote system (without actually logging in) and return the results directly to you. On some System V Unix machines that have incorporated the Berkeley Unix networking code, the remote shell command is called remsh.

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