Printing from a Windows PC

Last revision October 15, 2013

All general-access printers in the School of Earth Sciences are directly connected to the computer network and will accept print jobs directly from your computer. You need to configure a print queue on your computer ("add a printer") to connect over the network.

The CRC group that provides workstation support to Earth Sciences has created installation packages for many of the common general use printers in the School. You can find them by browsing these websites. There are separate installation packages for Windows and Mac OS X.

The general use printers in the Energy Resources Engineering department are controlled by their servers and print queues are preconfigured on their standard PCs.

For other printers not covered by the CRC installation scripts, it is generally best to create the print queue on your PC using the installation CD or program provided by the printer manufacturer.

Be aware that most of the printers in the School are HP printers, and HP printers will not show up when you browse for printers in the normal Windows Add Printer Wizard. That only looks for "Windows Print Shares", that is, printers attached to particular computers that are sharing them on the network with Microsoft's specific print sharing protocol. HP networked printers use a different access protocol on a different TCP port.

To connect your PC to a networked HP printer, you must install an HP driver. You can download and install the HP Universal Print Driver for Windows for all modern HP printers - install it once and access all current models. To save disk space, or for older models not supported by this new universal driver, download and use HP's Network Printer Wizard to install specific drivers for particular printer models.

The special printers for the Mitchell A65 and Mitchell A59 "GRID" computer clusters are restricted so that only the computers in those labs can print to them. Creating a print queue for them on your own computer will not work.

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