Courses related to silicic magmatism and volcanology taught by Gail Mahood

GES 48N: Stanford Introductory Seminar: Volcanoes of the Eastern Sierra Nevada
GES 49N: Stanford Introductory Seminar: Field Trip to Death Valley and Owens Valley
GES 182: Field Seminar on Continental-Margin Volcanism
GES 183: California Desert Geology
GES 185: Volcanology
GES 212: Stanford Alpine Project: Geological and archaeological field trip to Guatemala


SAP 2005 Guatemala Field Trip Guidebook and photos

GES 284: Field Seminar on Eastern Sierran Volcanism
GES 285: Igneous Petrogenesis

More information on these courses can be found at the Stanford Bulletin's Course Descriptions.

Additional Courses related to petrogenesis at Stanford


Gail teaching a group of students about pyroclastic flow deposits, Guatemala.