Igneous Petrology and Petrogenesis:

Field-based studies, augmented by chemical and isotopic analyses and petrologic modelling, determining the origins and evolution of magmas and their relation to tectonic setting, particularly magmatism related to continental extension, large silicic calderas, granitic batholiths, mafic layered intrusions, and mafic supra-subduction arcs.

Faculty: Gail Mahood, Dennis Bird, W. Gary Ernst (Emeritus)

Related Laboratory Facilities:

  • Sensitive High Resolution Ion Microprobe lab (SHRIMP-RG)
  • Stanford Noble Gas Lab: Laser-probe 40Ar/39Ar system and (U-Th)/He lab
  • Thermal ionization mass spectrometer for analysis of Sr, Nd, and Pb isotopes
  • Electron microprobe with image-analysis system
  • Scanning and transmission electron microscopes
  • X-ray diffractometer
  • Hi-P and Hi-T apparatus for experimental petrology and mineral synthesis
  • Stable Isotope Laboratory for measurement of O, C, and H isotopes in rocks and minerals
  • Clean labs for isotopic analyses
  • Rock crushing and mineral separation labs for chemical and isotopic analyses
  • for more information, see the GES facilities site.