Stanford School of Earth Sciences

Leif Thomas

Prospective students

I am looking for bright, motivated students with a strong background in physics and math, who are interested in fluid dynamics and participating in research relevant to ocean and climate science. Find out more about some of the projects my group is currently involved in. Contact me directly if interested.

Here are some of the courses in physical oceanography, fluid dynamics and related subjects, offered at Stanford. The list is provided for reference only; the actual courses the student takes will be chosen together with the advisor and tailored to the student's background and interests. Course descriptions available here.

Please follow the links below to find out about graduate life at Stanford and application procedures:

The application deadline to the Earth Systems Science graduate program is in early December: To admissions information

Prospective postdocs

I am looking for postdocs with a PhD in physical oceanography or related field and a strong background in fluid dynamics to engage in research studying the dynamics of highly energetic, submesoscale flows in the upper ocean. Experience in numerical modeling is desirable. Please visit my research and publications pages for examples of some projects my group has been working on recently.

Postdoc opportunities:

1) (October 2021) I am currently seeking to fill a position to study the seasonal cycle of submesoscale turbulence in the subtropical gyres and the interaction of wind-driven inertial motions with eddies and fronts. The research will mostly involve numerical and theoretical studies and is part of a multi-institution collaborative effort that involves field campaigns to collect observations of submesoscale processes. Please contact me directly with questions or if interested in applying. Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and I am looking to fill this position as soon as possible.

2) Please contact me if you would like me to sponsor a fellowship application.

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