Selected High-Temperature and -Pressure Publications:


Some Recent Stanford Publications in the Area of Mineralogy and Earth Materials

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Thrainn Fridriksson, PhD 2003, Thermodynamic properties of zeolite solid solutions

Phillip Neuhoff, Phd 2000, Thermodynamic properties and parageneses of rock-forming zeolites

Some Recent Stanford Publications in the Area of Igneous Petrology and Petrogenesis

Ernst, W. G., 2005, Alpine and Pacific styles of Phanerozoic mountain building: subduction-zone petrogenesis of continental crust: Terra Nova, v. 17, p. 165-188.

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Hannah Scherer, PhD Candidate, Structural, petrological and geochemical investigation of the North Fork terrane, western Paleozoic and Triassic belt, southern Klamath Mountains, California

Cameron Snow, PhD Candidate, Geochemical evolution and attributes of oceanic basalts with special focus on the Peñon Blanco Arc Complex, Sierra Nevada Foothills, central California

Some Recent Stanford Publications, Theses and Noteworthy Events in the Area of Volcanology

Hansen, H., Pedersen, A. K., Duncan, R. A., Bird, D. K., Brooks, C. K., Fawcett, J. J., Gittins, G., Gorton, M., and O'Day, P., 2002, Volcanic stratigraphy of the southern Prinsen af Wales Bjerge region, East Greenland. Geological Society of London, special Publications, v. 197, p. 183-218.

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Some Recent Stanford Publications in the Area of Metamorphic Petrology

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Some Recent Stanford Publications,in the Area of Hydrothermal Geochemistry

Bird, D. K., and Spieler, A. R., 2004, Epidote in Geothermal Systems. Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry, ed. A. Liebscher and G. Franz, v. 56, pp. 235-300.

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Abigail spieler ms 2003 rare earth elements in hydrothermal systems: rare earth element speciation in hydrothermal fluids and the origin of rare earth element zoning in epidote

Some Recent Stanford Publications, Theses and Noteworthy Events in the Area of Geochronology and Thermochronology

Hacker, B. R., Calvert, A. T., Zhang, R. Y., Ernst, W. G., and Liou, J. G., 2003, Ultra-rapid exhumation of ultrahigh pressure diamond-bearing metasedimentary and meta-igneous rocks of the Kokchetav Massif: Lithos, v. 70, p. 61-75.

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