Courses Related to Geoarchaeology Taught by Gail Mahood

GES 48N: Stanford Introductory Seminar: Volcanoes of the Eastern Sierra Nevada
GES 49N: Stanford Introductory Seminar: Field Trip to Death Valley and Owens Valley
GES 185: Volcanology
GES 186: Geoarchaeology (co-taught with Sid Carter)
GES 212: Stanford Alpine Project: Geological and archaeological field trip to Guatemala

SAP 2005 Guatemala Field Trip Guidebook and photos


ARCH288: Archaeometry Seminar (co-taught with Tristan Carter)


More information on these courses can be found at the Stanford Bulletin's Course Descriptions.

Other courses can be found at the Stanford Archaeology Program site.


iIncised obsidian with Mayan glyph from Guatemala. (Photo by Sid Carter)